The cave of Mramornica (The marble cave)
  The cave of Mramornica is situated in a area full of caves and caverns, distant
one from another just a few kilometers, it is surely the most beautiful and
  Some caverns, it is proved, were inhabited in the stone age (about 10.000
years ago), after that they were used as burial places in the neolithic age, and
then in bronze age (about 5.000 years ago). Indeed, nearby there are five
fortified villages called “castellieri” in the bronze age, in which life takes
place to the period of the Rome empire, i.e. the 3rd century.
  After the Roman conquest of Istria, the life evolved on all of the coastline
with villas made of rock in the countryside. The first visitors in the caves were
surely the Romans, because of the villas that are in the vicinity, dated from
1st century Before Christ to the 5th century AD.
  In 1926., near this cave situated in countryside zone, a rich Roman necropolis
was found, from around the 1st century, documented by the Triestin
newspaper “Piccolo” and registered in the “Atti e memorie di archeologia e
storia patria Italiana”, which contains urns with ashes, ampoule of iridescent
glass, coins and ceramics.
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